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No. 15 Hurricane #1

Episode Summary

Welcome to Episode 37 - At No. 15 is Hurricane #1's Debut. Join Kev and Les as they run through everything about this album, and why it's in their list of Top 50 Britpop & Indie Albums between 1990 - 2000. Thanks for listening.

Episode Notes

Join Kevin & Lesley in Season 1 as they countdown the top 50 Britpop & Indie Albums between 1990 – 2000.

Episode 37 - At No.15 Hurricane #1 - Thier Debut album.

Wrap up from Last week
Britpop One Liners
New Album Reviews
Song of the Week
Guilty Pleasures
Album Details - Producer, Label, Release Date etc
The UK Charts at release - Single & Album
Background of the album
Singles & Videos with Chart position
Run through the album track by track
Reviews on the album - positive & negative
Our scores & Why
Promote the band (Tours, Twitter & FB)
Next weeks album
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